The Edwardian Tradition
Lord Gwyddion (Ed Buczynski)
Summerlands 1989
"Edwardian" the legacy of Edmund Buczynski  (Lord Gwyddion)

If one studies the history of religion, there is usually a single individual who is considered the source or inspriration  for others, the architect of the grand design or the composer of the cosmic song.  Sometimes this being is thought of as a God or perhaps as a product of divine parentage, such is the case with the figure of Jesus Christ, at other times this progenitor has under gone an intense spiritual transformation as is the story of the Buddha, and still at other times this source is a seemingly ordinary human being who was present at the right moment in history with the right message, as is arguably true for Gerald Gardner and the modern Witchcraft movement.
In the forward to the Witchcraft Fact Book a book written by Edmund Buczynski, Herman Slater describes Edmund in the following way "He was the father of the North East United States Welsh Tradition; founded and independant Gardnerian Tradition, where male and female were co-equal; was active in the Church of the Eternal Source, a revival of ancient Egyptian religion, and founded the Minoan Brotherhood and Sisterhood".  What precisely is this independent Gardnerian Tradition of which Herman speaks?
To begin to earnestly answer this question one must read the introduction to Pagan Rituals III by the self admitted "Horrible Herman".  This introduction is very interesting indeed and should be read by any serious researcher of the development of the "Wicca" or the "Craft" in New York City and the North Eastern United States. 
In his introduction Herman explains how he and Edmund were constantly at odds with some members of the Long Island Branch of Gardnerian Witchcraft who felt the need to denounce Ed's Welsh Tradition and discredit anyone who was not a member of their coven, in addition the "Horrible One" points out the apparent hypocrisy of certain Craft Elders and the national and ethnic prejudices they seemed to possess towards others. 
Now one may think that perhaps Herman was a bitter individual, who desired to settle a score with those that he felt slighted him in some way, and of course this may be true, whether Herman had an personal agenda or not, his introduction to Ed's book documents the divisive circumstances in which he and Edmund existed. 
If the truth is told, after having numerous conversations with various Elders, I have come to the conclusion that much of what went on in the early days of the craft in New York City was a kind of dating game, with plenty of sexual intercourse, in the name of the Gods of course.  I don't mean this to offend anyone in particular, although I am almost sure that I will.  I am only reflecting the way in which I have interpreted what transpired, this is not done to negate the sincerity of anyone in the Craft. 
Personally, I happen to think sex is a good and healthy thing for one's well being and should be engaged in often and with whomever
one likes.  However there is a point that I am attempting to establish, that point being the nature of Sexual Politics and its effects on our religion.  Like it or not the consequences are there plain for anyone to see. 
It is my understanding that due to this Sexual Politics and the resulting enviorment, Edmund developed along with Lady Rhea the Minoan Tradtions.  So that Lesbians, Gay, and Bisexual individuals could discover their mysteries undisturbed by the ill conceived notions of some Heterosexuals who seemed to be dominating the Craft. 
Lady Rhea has stated that Ed use to joke with her "imagine if one day they call my (Craft) children Edwardian?"  Well, why not!
Now all these years later, isn't it true that Edmund being a duly initiated High Priest designed and inspired an independent, almost revolutionary, yet valid form of Witchcraft.  Something more progressive then what currently existed at that time?  Perhaps even unwittingly or through divine intervention (you decide) laying the ground work for future generations of Witches to worship and practice a more Hermetic manner of magick?  Don't we all believe that inside every male there is the divine essence of the Goddess and that inside every female there is the divine essence of the God? 
Why should not two High Priestesses or two High Priests be allowed to officiate a Coven of mixed genders and diverse sexual orientations?  Are we not magickal people?  Are we not intergrated in our thoughts and do we not strive for balance with in each individual? 
These are important questions, questions which speak to the heart of the matter at hand.  There are many covens who claim Gardnerian lineage and are performing intiations and other magickal workings afraid to admit that they didn't have a man present for that or a women present for this...  If we are truly to believe that the Universe is Mind and that all acts done in love are acts of the Great Mother, then the time has come to take responsibility for our actions and admit that in order to be true to ourselves and honest in the face of the Gods, that we are all one, representatives of both the Goddess and the God.  This it would seem Edmund certainly understood to be true. 
It is in this egalitarian spirit, that Lady Rhea has dared to proclaim all of Ed's children Edwardian, and therefore it is in the commemoration of Edmunds spirit that we share this wonderful commonality, brothers and sisters of the New York Wicca alike, together in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, may the Gods preserve the Craft and may we the children of the Craft have the wisdom to preserve the God and the Goddess in each and every one of us.

With the most heartfelt reverence and honor to my ancestors,
Lord Julian, HP November 13th 2002
The New York Coven of Witches...Covenant of the Great Mother
Note from Lady Rhea
The title Edwardian tradition may be used by anyone who has come into the craft through myself or any member who is connected down the line to Lord Gwyddion.  This of course is only if you choose to, for example if you are from his Welsh line you can say you are Edwardian Welsh etc. 
All members feel free to e-mail this site to anyone who is from Lord Gwyddion's lineage or any questions you may have contact us.

Brigtest Blessings in Love and Light,
Lady Rhea, HPs Minoan Mother
Lady Zoradia, HPs
Lord Tammuz, HP Welsh Tradition
Lord Julian, HP
Lady Amunet, HPs
Lord Gwyddion, HP
Lord Sparrow, HP
Lady Ursa, HPs
Lady Venus, HPs Minoan
Kronos of Gaea
Anthony Russell (Zodiac Lounge)
Mercurios, Minoan
Blessed Be!

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