author of "The Spiral Dance"
Temple of the Evening Star
Minoan Fellowship
Lexa Rosean (Lady Venus)
author of "Supermarket Witch Series"
New Moon New York
Lake Circle Online Resources
(Pete's Pagan Homepage)
City Harvest
Rescuing food for New Yorks Hungry
Journal for Urban Pagans
Circle Sanctuary (Selena Fox)
Lady Liberty League
Moon Lodge
Wise Woman Center
World Wide Pagan Resources and Information Site
Isaac Bonewits Home Page
author of "Witchcraft a concise guide"
Church of all Worlds
author of "Green Egg Magazine"
40 years old
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Macha Nightmare
author of "Witchcraft on the Web"
Original Products
John Myrdin Reynolds Ph.D.  (Vajranatha)
Buddhist Lama & Pagan Philosopher
As mentioned in "Lady Rhea's Enchanted Candle Spells Book"