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Magickal Blends of Exotic Oils
From Lady Rhea's Enchanted Formulary

All Night Long
The name says it all.
Half Ounce 1/2 oz.
Aphrodite's Love
Love formula for straight or gay love attraction.
Incites passion.
For all spell casting.
As You Please
Makes others desire to please you.
Black Star
Opens psychic channels.
Call Me
Opens communications.
For lovers, entices strangers to desire you.
Commanding Love
Makes others do your bidding.
For sensual love and romance.
Goddess of Love
Fabulous love formula.
Gay Love
Attraction for gay lovers.
La Flamme
Drives your loved one crazy with desire.
Love Healing
For healing all aspects of love relationships.
Leather & Lace
Compelling love, For those who want it now.
Love & Protection
Protects relationships from those who envy.
Love Uncrossing
Removes negative spells and energy from love.
Midnight Blue
For sexual arousement and romantic moods.
Pan & Astarte
Fertility magick, use forBeltane Sabat love rituals.
Rhea's Love Haunt
For your love to have a lingering memory of you.
Captivates them with your charms.
St. Cipriano
Returns love
St. Martha
Reuniting love, returning a stray mate.
Draws love to you, simply irresistible.
Witch Love
For those witchy nights.

Money & Luck Drawing
Chinese Luck
Famous luck drawing formula
Crown Of Success
Stops those intending to block your success
Employment Pyramid
Promotes luck in employment and job hunting
Hindu God of success, remover of obstacles
Green Tara
Female Buddha for financial blessing
Gypsy Gold
For love & money
High John
Brings great fortune, overcome obstacles
Horn of Plenty
Overcomes poverty, brings wealth and prestige
Entices men to spend money on you
Invoke Jupiter's beneficial aspects
Goddess of prosperity and good fortune
Lucky Lodestone
Brings best of luck and removes hexes
Money House Blessing
To bless the home with money
Money Mist
Rub on wallet, purse or cash protect.
A money drawing blend desiged to attract wealth
Road Opener
Removes all obstacles gives a clear path
Special Favors
Grants wishes that seem impossible
Money Drawing
Draws Financial Aid
Half Ounce 1/2 oz.
Half Ounce 1/2 oz.
General annointing for magickal use.
Eliminates all bad spirits
Brings favorable aid and purifies
Dream Time
Healing sleep and peaceful dreams
Egyptian Temple
To purify a magickal working space, for ritual use.
Uncrossing, opens doors and bring luck.
Use for all ritual circles.
To heal a quarrel between friends or lovers.
Guardian Angel
To invoke an Angel guide or influence.
Promote rapid sleep and spiritual bliss
House Blessing
To clense and purify a home.
Healing formula for woman
Jinx Killer
To break the worst hexes.
Meditation and spiritual work for pyschic powers.
Original spiritual blend
Use for lunar rituals and the Goddess
Ocean Mother
Devotional use with all water dieties
Peaceful conditions in life, home and all aspects
Peace & Protection
Gets rid of bad energies and protects
Purple Wisdom
Invites higher learning & mystic masters 
Joy, healing and resurrection

Send back negetive thoughts to sender
Weight  Loss
Hep to shed those pounds fast
White Tara
Mother of compassion and long life.
Win at Court
Fo helping with court and all legal matters

Breaks all spells
Spiritual Cleansing
Cleans from negativity of spirits
To remove all obstacles and clear the aura
St. Clara
Clears the mind and soothes hot tempers.
Brings tranqueil peace
St. Michael
Repels gossip and negative thoughts.
Pagan Community
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Angel at home, devil in bed.
These formularies are created by Lady Rhea and her 30 years expierience,  Although the names may appear similar to others companies these are exclusive to her own private formulas.  Her accomplishments as a perfumer and master blender are brought to you to use for all of your magickal needs.  We use only high quality essential and perfume oils for our blends.  They can be worn, annoited on candles, add a few drops to your bath tub and used for blessings.  These same oils are used in our high quality hand made incense blends.  Which is why it is concidered one of the finest blends around.  
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Ounce 1 oz.